There is a saying that “the power of Koreans is rice.”

For Koreans, rice means an important food. The process of making rice is soaking rice in water.

Put the soaked rice in a pressure cooker or electric cooker for about 10 minutes, then boil it over medium to high heat for about 15 minutes.

When the pressure cooker makes a “tapping” sound with steam, it’s just before rice becomes rice.

Now it’s time to turn off the heat and let the rice become completely moist due to the internal temperature inside the pot.

Rice is made through this process.

The process is repeated at least three times a day, and because everyone likes freshly made rice, a food called “Hetbahn” was born for busy modern people.


“Hatban” can be cooked in a microwave or in boiling water in a short time. And then you lift the lid on the container and scoop it with a spoon to eat.

Another good thing about Hatban is that if you want to cook fried rice, just put it in a frying pan and fry it.

You can make well-cooked fried rice with excellent chewy taste.

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