Gorina Billiard Cue Chalk Holder

Less discoloration, luxurious design

Since the inside is made of magnet with a three-level base, attach metal tape to the bottom of the choke and put it in the case.

Can be reattached using double-sided tape when changing the choke

made in korea

  • 🎱 Luxurious chalk holder design provides psychological stability for billiard lovers, so they can play fun games
  • 🎱 Use a chalk holder to play billiards and keep your hands clean
  • 🎱 The hook or choke holder has a magnet inside, so it can be attached to a metal object and carried. It can be used with various chokes
  • 🎱 The chalk can be kept in good condition by using a three-stage separating cap chalk box
  • 🎱 The holder protects the chalk from falling or breaking

Gorina Billiard Cue Chalk Holder

Introducing the premium billiard chalk case

This combination of gold and black will satisfy both beginners and hobbyists in billiards

The gold color is a 14k plated case that will satisfy users who seek luxury,
Black will satisfy users who are seeking strong and simple style

If you want to play billiards more attractively Recommended with a choke case

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